Buyer & Seller

Paul has bought and sold homes and multi-units for me from 2007 to the present. I plan to use his services again. I can highly recommend him for various reasons. He has a deep understanding of the market, helping me in the selection of investment properties that he has analyzed carefully, guiding me to sound decisions rooted in financial benefits for my investment portfolio. He is a brilliant negotiator with my best interests always carefully considered. Additionally, he has coordinated the complete remodel of several of my rental units, He has trusted vendors that work together to seamlessly complete projects, increasing my property value and rental income. He made it all look so easy: he is a rare find! This combination of hard work and dedication equals excellent customer service.

Joanne F.

I've been in my home since August 1995 and just love it. Paul helped me find the home I dreamed of. He was always looking out for new listings and showed me plenty of homes. My intention was to buy a condo or townhouse, he found a single-family home for my daughter and me! He helped me obtain the Mortgage Credit Certificate program for first-time homebuyers. So my daughter was able to grow up in "our" home. One very thankful customer.

Work With Paul

Sometimes we take a leap on fixer-uppers, and we also make it easy for buyers to update their purchases. Is there a risk? Not really. I’m seasoned. I’m confident. My expertise assures a great outcome.

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